Simmons Updates Behavioral Graphics

Simmons will release an updated version of its Behavioral Graphics media measurement reports today, the first since the product was introduced in spring last year.

"I was surprised at how much the current data shows that pay cable is a formidable competitor to free TV," said Simmons product manager Kristi Casey. "It used to be that cable channels would just break out on their own, but now cable channels show a completely unique audience. We're surprised at how well Fox does now in primetime as well."

Even more than these results, the defining proposition for the Behavioral Graphics reports is the lifestyles that it attaches to TV viewing data. Here's how it works. Simmons has a relationship with Nielsen's TV ratings division whereby it assigns codes to a portion of its ratings sample. Together with its own sample, Simmons then draws more than 30 lifestyle areas of TV viewing from that audience such as tee timers (a new area) and news junkies (around for three years).

"This report has allowed us to shift from being a media research company to being a market research company," said Simmons president Chris Wilson."It has allowed us to move from measuring only demographic ratings to being increasingly aware of behaviors that drive consumers and can therefore make media buys more efficient."



Returning this year to the list of consumer behaviors are news junkies and gadget gurus among others. New categories include film fans and daytime dramatics. The current version of Behavior Graphics has 15 customers according to Wilson.

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