The Not-So-Big Spring Clean

Next week marks the official start of spring. With the weather warming up and buds starting to bloom, we were curious to better understand how spring affects moms nationwide. As expected, we heard themes such as spring is a season of love, a “mood-lifter” and delight over the flowers and birds chirping. 

However, what came up most frequently among moms in the U.S. was that spring’s greatest gift is the motivation to refresh and renew the home -- a literal “out with the old and in with the new” moment for moms.  

“I always feel like I've accomplished something wonderful when I'm done, and the house feels so much lighter. I purge closets, drawers, shelves and storage in the spring. Feels good!” 

Moms are redefining “spring” cleaning

Spring cleaning is not a new topic, but moms today are reshaping the traditional definition. While the warm weather sparks the need for a sweep or a scrub, a growing number of moms are spreading out their spring cleaning activities throughout the year.  



“I do ‘normal’ cleaning once a week. Then I pick a room to ‘spring’ clean each week. Sometimes I get it all done and sometimes I don't. I actually have a detailed cleaning list for each room to check off.”  

“I don't know about you, but I find it easier and less stressful to maintain a clean house than do sweeping cleaning. I have a tub in the hall closet for things that are going to donation. Once it is filled, we run to Goodwill.”  

Why are moms forgoing the “deep cleans” of springs past? While they all celebrate a clean home, moms are granting themselves permission to be “less than perfect” and enjoy time outside their role as mom, maid and all things housekeeping. 

“When you are truly living in your home, especially if that home includes children of any age, you are going to have to be satisfied with ‘good enough,’ or you will positively go insane. Unless you plan on living in a museum, at some point you have to ‘settle’ on a reasonable ground for cleanliness and organization -- the ‘good enough.’”

Spreading out “spring” cleaning makes life more manageable and reduces the risk of failure, thus eliminating the dreaded “mommy guilt.” For further validation, moms turn to their support system, other moms, for their perspectives and experiences on spring cleaning — including tips, trips and ideas. Moms band together to inspire new ideas that make spring cleaning a not-so-dreaded activity.  

“Are you looking forward to yours? Do you tidy up a little extra, or have a full-blown list? What's on your list? When do you do it? I'm not looking forward to mine. lol.. I know there are more things to add that I've forgotten. I'll make some of my stuff clicky if anyone wants ideas. :)”

The spring season is also a time to reconnect with loved ones and spend time outside enjoying the sunshine and family. To make spring cleaning a bit more fun, moms enlist the help of their family members and add a bit of cheer to the chores.  

“Yes, our oldest is 5 next month and the youngest is only 1 year old. Our oldest loves to clean and she's a huge help. We do deep cleans every Sunday as well. The spring cleaning really isn't too bad because DH and I make it a fun thing that we do together.”

So while spring cleaning implies that tis the season to break out the brooms, moms are spreading out the deep cleans across the year and using the warmer weather as a catalyst for family fun and mommy time. 

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  1. TheMaids StLouis from The Maids St.Louis, September 14, 2012 at 7:59 p.m.

    I can agree with this. Spring cleaning brings with it a sense of renewal, more powerful to me than New Years at this point. At least something tangible comes out of spring house cleaning.

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