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Google Tops Facebook As Ideal Gig

For the first time in four years, Google has beat out Facebook as the more desirable employer, according to Glassdoor, a jobs and career community where employees can anonymously rate companies and CEOs. The search giant scored a 3.9 overall by their employees, while Facebook scored a 3.7. “Although Facebook employees earn about $3,000 more on average than Google employees and although the interview process is harder at Google than Facebook, Googlers in 2012 are more happy with their company than Facebook,” writes Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz, citing Glassdoor’s research.

More than most industries, the findings are particular salient for tech titans in 2012 as they compete tooth and nail for a relatively small pool of top engineers and digital experts. In 2011 Facebook scored a 4.2 and Google scored a 4.1. Also of note, “Googlers seem to complain less about long hours and work/life balance issues than Facebook,” notes Schwartz. “I guess that comes with Facebook still being in a pre-IPO phase.” Googlers, for their part, apparently complain the most about salary and compensation. That said, more Googlers appear to approve of their CEO -- at least when compared to Facebook employees.




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