Musicmatch Is Top In July

MUSICMATCH was ranked the top non-commercial Internet Broadcast Network with 7,224,323 hours of Total Time Spent Listening (TTSL) for the month of July, according to Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.

Radio@AOL Network and LAUNCH were the top ranked commercial Internet broadcasters with 26,211,800 and 10,285,403 hours of TTSL, respectively.

Total Time Spent Listening is the sum total of hours tuned by listeners to a given station or network. The Adsertion Network was the top sales network with 5,170,467 hours of TTSL.

MUSICMATCH Artist Match was the top non-commercial Internet Broadcast Station with 2,348,767 hours of TTSL. Virgin Radio was the top commercial station with 1,333,099 hours of TTSL.

The top Content Delivery Networks (CDN) were Live365 with 10,212,666 TTSL and StreamGuys with 2,287,024 hours of TTSL. The Total Time Spent Listening for these Content Delivery Networks is the sum of all tuning to stations streamed by the CDN including commercial and non-commercial stations.



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