The Light Green Movement: Engaging Today's Eco-Conscious Mom

Earth Day is just nine days away, so this is an appropriate time to explore the ever-expanding move for moms to “go green.” More than ever before, 2012 is the year of going green – moms have taken the biggest efforts to date to be environmentally conscious. This includes everything from increasing her use of reusable items to being more aware of recycling to being more focused on purchasing organic and sustainably produced foods. Going Green topped the list of trends for 2012 for moms with more families moving towards a more conscious lifestyle than ever before.

The recent uproar in the media over “pink slime” in our beef products to controversy surrounding genetically modified ingredients and facts about the average household’s waste have only fueled mom’s focus on her family’s health and overall footprint. However, as far as food is concerned, while more than three-quarters (78%) of U.S. families purchase some organic foods and 48% of parents believe that organic products “are healthier for me and my children,” many still consider the organic foods too costly to convert completely over to a 100% organic lifestyle.



Regardless, the green trend is here to stay and families are shifting to what I refer to as the “light green” movement – incorporating many habits that conform to a healthier and more eco-conscious way of life that still works within their budgets. How can marketers engage today’s budget and eco- conscious mom? The key is to focus on both realistic and attainable – considering both budgets and time restrictions – practices.

As a mom who has not only written and studied extensively about the green movement but who also practices an eco-friendly lifestyle, I’m sharing my top tips to engage moms today with an eco- friendly message:

  1. Emphasize how going green can also be budget friendly: Despite popular opinion, the truth is, many “green” strategies are quite cost-effective – offering a trifecta of goodness combining good for the environment, good for health and good for budgets. Recycling offers obvious cost savings – reusing items means less expenditure. Studies show that moms are willing to spend more upfront on items like glass, BPA-free containers and other items in order to save money in the long run. 
  2. Offer ways for moms to be “light green”: As I mentioned above, “light green” is the buzz term – moms know that even slight changes can make a big impact. Help her understand how your products or services help her make positive changes towards a more conscious lifestyle. 
  3. Educate without scare tactics: Scare tactics may seem effective, but don’t result in long- term success. Of moms surveyed, most are skeptical about brands that use scare tactics to garner attention. More effective are campaigns that offer honest education. Moms can connect the dots with the facts. 
  4. Don’t “Green Wash”: If you haven’t learned anything from this series of columns, I cannot emphasize this enough: moms are smart and savvy. We can smell “green washing” from miles away. Don’t make the most basic moves to go green and then market it to moms – genuine efforts will win in the long run.

The time is now to think “greener” as a brand and communicate your efforts to those who care the most about how going green will affect the long-term. Moms are not only focused on creating the healthiest and optimal environments for today, but also for the future for their children.

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