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Saving The 'Village Voice'

"Will someone please buy 'The Village Voice' back from Phoenix?" headlines this post by Tom McGeveran.

Though the iconic New York weekly is not for sale, it ought to be, McGeveran contends, so it can "be saved from its disastrous involvement in the adult-services advertising business," along with the well-meaning  "'alternative press' culture at its Phoenix-based parent company" that  "doesn't work for the city or for the Voice."

McGeveran's too-long (but still fascinating to skim, at least) analysis includes some backstory, from the paper's founding in 1955 to its stint as "the medium through which a mainstream middle-class readership stayed in touch with its inner bohemian."

(We have to add the complaint that the paper's current "investigative" cover stories are often poorly written, unfocused pieces about topics that induce the response "Who cares?")



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