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Google Goes Big In Cloud Storage

Expanding further into so-called desktop services, Google this week debuted a new cloud storage service with 5GB of free storage, and paid options up to 16TB. Dubbed Google Drive, the service is what The Washington Post calls “an evolution” of Google Docs. “If you've ever used the popular document-syncing service, you'll be right at home with Google Drive,” it writes. “Just like Docs, the majority of the service is based in the web browser: You'll primarily be managing your account and viewing your files from the web app.”

What's new? Users can now upload any file to Drive, not just work documents, though only the latter will take advantage of the live editing features made famous by Docs. “Unfortunately, while the interface is familiar, it also carries along the same issues we've had with Docs for years,” WaPo adds.

“Sharing features are still overly complicated: you can invite individual users to view and collaborate on folders and files, and through some advanced settings you can make a publicly-viewable link.” Meanwhile, the new service all offers a mobile app -- but, so far, online for Android phones and tablets. Google says it's hard at work on an iOS version.


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