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Google Tries To Clear Up +1 Confusion

Blink and you’ll miss this latest social development from Google. The search giant this week announced a new Google+ share button that helps users differentiate between Google’s +1 functionality and the Google+ network. “Google originally launched +1 as a tool similar to Facebook’s like functionality,” Marketing Land explains. “A +1 is the equivalent to a user vouching for a Web site by liking it.  Buttons were released around the +1 functionality that allowed users to +1 content directly from a Web site.”

To draw a clearer line in the sand, the new Google+ share button doesn’t include any of the +1 functionality. Instead of +1ing content users directly share the content on Google+. The Google+ share button can be downloaded from the Google Developers site. But, if publisher’s currently have the +1 button installed, there is no need to worry, Marketing Land assures, as the share functionality can also be accomplished with the +1 button. “When a user completes the +1 a screen prompts users to share.” And Google wonders why it’s having trouble replicating its search success in the social sphere.  




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