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Google+ Goes Global With "Hangouts On Air"

After limited beta testing, Google is rolling out Hangouts On Air to all Google+ users. Now members of the social network can broadcast video live to their friends and your followers anywhere around the world. “Just think of the possibilities,” writes WebProNews. “Host an improv comedy collab show that invites fans to participate over the Web, broadcast a live concert to your fans, or host a live gaming session to show off the new features coming to a tabletop game.” Along with the broader launch, Google is introducing several new features to Hangouts On Air, including a running audience tally, and the option to air streams live.

Once users are off the air, Google will also upload a public recording to their YouTube channels and original Google+ post. “This way it’s easy to share and discuss your broadcast after it’s over,” Google explains. Bigger picture, the wider launch represents Google building on Google+’s most successful feature. “When Google+ introduced Hangouts, it was a major win for Google’s social networking service,” WPN writes. “It was the major defining feature for a lot of people and set Google+ apart from the competition.”



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