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AMD Goes Jiu Jitsu On Intel

PC chipmaker AMD's chief executive thinks the chip-making giant Intel has overestimated consumers' willingness to pay top dollar for a new category of premium laptops. AMD is hoping to get a boost from Intel's most expensive marketing push in a decade, as the smaller company's new processors have been tapped for me-too laptops joining a wave of ultralight personal computers that operate more like tablets.



Targeting mainstream shoppers, thin laptops with AMD chips, previously code-named Trinity, are set to sell in the $600 range, similar to many of the bulkier laptops now on the market and significantly cheaper than the high-end, Intel-powered ones increasingly appearing in stores.  

"It seems like an opportunity to steal the bacon and go in there and capture this huge opportunity that someone else generated," AMD Chief Executive Rory Read told Reuters in an interview. "They missed where the sweet spot of the market was."

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