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Jaguar's Reaction To Salacious Jaguar 'Mad Men' Plot

No one who was part of the "Mad Men" Pete Campbell-as-pimp subplot this past Sunday came out exactly smelling like roses (except, surprisingly, maybe that old former sleazeball himself, Don Draper). Still, they're all imaginary characters.

Not so Jaguar, the company whose fictional exec asked for a night with Joan Harris as payment for helping the "Mad Men" agency win its business.

How did a real-life Jaguar exec respond to this twist? The company had no input into the script and, up until Sunday, were enjoying the free publicity, writes Rich Thomaselli. Then, "I would say we were fairly surprised at the turn of events," David Pryor, VP-brand development for JaguarUSA, tells Thomaselli. "At the end of the day, though, we're confident that people know it's a fictional character."



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