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TubeMogul Bows Brand Safety Tool

Online video ad startup TubeMogul has built a new tool called PageSafe that allow anyone to scan a URL to determine its brand safety ranking.

As TechCrunch’s Ryan Lawler notes, advertisers that use TubeMogul’s ad-buying platform can now use PageSafe in real-time to assess the safety of pages before campaigns run on them.

Lawler also points out that brand safety isn’t a new issue for ad agencies and their brand clients. The problem arises when ad networks don’t adequately distinguish between good and bad content on where their ads appear, or above-the-fold (good) vs. below-the-fold (bad) placements.

In fact, about a month ago, TubeMogul sought to highlight examples of ads running below the fold and in otherwise bad environments on a site it built called However, after receiving threatening emails and cease and desist letters from brands, agencies and other unhappy companies that did not want to have their names revealed, TubeMogul decided to shut the site down.

Since then, an anonymously run site has popped up in its place:



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