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Microsoft Kills Zune Brand

In other, less-flattering Microsoft news, the software giant is finally ready to put Zune out its misery. That’s right, after failing to win the hearts of mobile media lovers -- and effectively compete with arch rival Apple -- the Zune brand is “going away,” reports The New York Times’ Bits blog, citing a statement from Microsoft spokeswoman Melissa Stewart.

“It was pretty clear that the days of the Zune name were numbered,” writes Bits. “Microsoft introduced Zune back in 2006, when the most exciting thing happening in the technology and electronics industry was Apple’s iPod and iTunes. A clear market bust, Microsoft had already discontinued the Zune line of music players, while the brand lived on as a music and video service for Xbox and the Windows Phone operating system.

“The Zune was a failure in the market, coming too late to stop the iPod juggernaut and falling short of the high bar Apple had set.” It its place, Microsoft plans to use the better-known Xbox brand for its entertainment services, including its online video service.




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