Pereira & O'Dell Helping Jive Find 'Office Heroes'

San Francisco advertising agency Pereira & O’Dell led the efforts in launching Jive Software’s first brand campaign in the U.S. The campaign is titled “The Day You Give Them Jive.” It showcases employees transforming themselves into office heroes by changing their office through the adoption of Jive.

Pereira & O’Dell will use digital out of home and online advertising. The company created the entire campaign, including the slogan and the concept idea.

“We are building a story with ‘The Day You Give Them Jive,” stated Gary Theut, director of client services at Pereira & O’Dell.  “From everything that is wrong with the workplace to finding resolution in Jive’s social collaboration platform, we want to express it all.”

The release says that the largest component of the campaign is a digital video on the NASDAQ Billboard in New York's Times Square. "The nature of Times Square results in hitting consumers from all over the US," said Gary Theut when reached for comment.

Austin-based Spredfast will lead a social media campaign for the campaign.



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