Thinking Outside Of The Back-to-School Box

Yes, it is that time of year again. Time when kids of all ages begin counting down their last days of summer and moms begin going over their back-to-school shopping lists. When it comes to back-to-school campaigns, we expect to see department stores touting their kid fashions, big box retailers and office stores giving us deals on school supplies and even grocery stores offering us tips for healthy school lunches. 

But, getting kids ready for back-to-school isn’t the only opportunity to connect with Mom during the months of August and September.  Here are some non-traditional back-to-school categories with ideas for engaging mom during this back-to-school season:

Adult Fashion

Back-to-school may mean back-to-work for some moms, so adding key pieces to their wardrobe is just as important as buying new gym shoes for Johnny. And, even if Mom isn’t going through a work transition, she is still interested in finding items that will move her summer fun wardrobe into fall—making her feel fashionable even while doing carpool. 



Sample Tag: Why should kids have all the back-to-school shopping fun?


Summer was filled with kid activities, and now it’s time for the parents to have some fun. Opportunities for “Girls Night Out” or “Date Nights” are welcomed with open arms for parents who are looking for a way to unwind during the back-to-school rush.

Sample Tag: You entertained the kids, now let us entertain you


Kids aren’t the only ones who feel like the first day of school is the start of a fresh new year. Just as we make goals and resolutions on New Year’s Day, moms make goals for the new school year—and some of those goals are personal. This is a great time for fitness centers and personal trainers to get in front of moms—showing them how they can incorporate fitness into their daily routine and keep up with their kids on (and off) the playground.

Sample Tag: Fitness can be as easy as walking your kids to school

Home Improvement

With kids out of the house more, moms are turning to some interior (or exterior) therapy. From remodels to new paint to new furniture, back-to-school is the perfect time for moms to begin those home improvement projects that just didn’t get done during the summer months. 

Sample Tag: While your kids improve their minds, you can improve your home


Busy schedules often lead families to picking up quick meals on-the-go with moms looking for healthy solutions from restaurants of all sizes. Also, with kids back in school, moms are looking to enjoy an occasional lunch out—preferably at a place that doesn’t have crayons on the table. 

Sample Tag: Eat. Drink. And don’t cut anyone’s food but your own.

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