The Dreamboard

If I could hop into my Delorian and visit the future of online media (let's say mid 2013) my hope is that I, along with my fellow advertisers, will have a clear and succinct dashboard that will show me all of our online marketing touch points. I'm talking organic search, paid search, CSE's, Affiliates, Email, Banner and Video impressions and clicks, Social, everything. Not just impressions, clicks, costs, and sales, but how all of it interacts. This Dreamboard, I'll call it, will show me what impact display has on search. It will show me what happens to paid search conversion rates when someone's been exposed to an online video.  It will show me where to spend my company's advertising dollars for maximum overall efficiency. I won't have to do anything but drag some sliders and see how much I can add to next quarter's EPS. This Dreamboard will be so simple a caveman could do it. Then, of course, I'll have to hop back into my time machine and come back to 2012 to ensure said caveman doesn't take my job.

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