Inside The Interest Graph

While interest graphs are new for big companies like Twitter, whose announcement was reported in OnlineMediaDaily on August 30, San Francisco-based 140 Proof has already been providing interest graphs for two years.

Coincidentally, on the morning of Twitter’s announcement, 140 Proof released an industry report - called "Inside The Interest Graph"  - which gives an inside look at interest graphs and explains why they are becoming so important within the industry.

In their report, 140 Proof gives a simple explanation for why interest graphs are growing in importance: "Because advertising is the main source of revenue for online businesses.” Naturally, knowing who is seeing the ads and why is important.



“The interest graph is a better indication of your aspirations than the social graph, because who you know isn’t necessarily an indication of what you may like,” said Jon Elvekrog, CEO of 140 Proof in a statement.

Check out their full report and download the interest graph here to learn all about interest graphs while they are a hot topic.

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