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Print Staffing Scorecard: 'Self' Down 8-11, 'NYT' Mediating

  • Poynter, Thursday, October 11, 2012 2:54 PM

Condé Nast began a series of cutbacks Tuesday "with a least one corporate vice president and eight editorial staffers  on Lucy Danziger’s Self magazine getting the ax," along with three business staffers on Self, reports Keith Kelly. Next up: "staffers from Glamour and GQ on the chopping block."

At Time Inc., consulting firm McKinsey & Company is back, now working with CEO Laura Lang. Staffers are nervous, since "McKinsey has a reputation for giving management justification to make cost cuts; the firm was at the publishing giant in 2007, and it left the layoffs of some 800 people in its wake," writes Lucia Moses.

Finally, New York Times management and the Newspaper Guild of New York, after extended contract negotations and some acrimonious recent back-and-forth (a brief employee walkout on Monday followed by management's cancellation of negotations on Wednesday), have agreed to bring in mediator Martin Scheinman, "who once broke up a bar fight by convincing one combatant his cue stick was too expensive to smash upon another," writes Andrew Beaujon.



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