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Voters Burning Out From Political 'Air War,' Face Even Bigger Ad Salvo Heading Toward Election Day

Consumers are burning out from the unprecedented deluge of campaign advertising in what political media pros have dubbed "the air war." And despite the fact that polls show that voters already wish the election was over, they're about to get inundated with even more, especially in key battleground states. The candidates have already spent half a billion dollars on political ads to date, and will spend about that same amount in just the next couple of weeks leading up to Election Day. "If you are still harboring any illusions about the electoral process as a lever for change, forget them," opines Huffington Post contributor Danny Schechter. "Our democracy, alas, seems bought and paid for, an empty charade, even as our media and political class lecture the rest of the world about the holy grail of democracy."



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