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Oh, No, Not More Political Ads: Forecast for 2016

Think this year's political campaigns hit the ceiling on ad inventory and rates? Nah, writes Cotton Delo: "Even if all inventory were maxed out, that doesn't mean spending won't continue to climb" in 2016. For example, "more money could be spent on TV ads for presidential candidates in 2016 if rates paid by Super PACs such as Restore Our Future and 501(c)(4)s like Americans for Prosperity soar higher."

And here's a horrible thought: "One last conceivable way for ad spending to climb in 2016 is if candidates decide to start bombarding the airwaves even earlier than they did this year," according to Delo. "I don't know if the country would tolerate that," counters Elizabeth Wilner, VP at Kantar Media's Campaign Media Analysis Group.



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