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NBC Booms While Other Nets Burn

NBC's comeback to the top of the ratings charts after many years on the bottom "is the story of the fall season, according to a survey of media buyers and planners," writes Toni Fitzgerald in Media Life.  This group also named an NBC show best of the season -- "Revolution,"  eerily prescient of last week's power blackouts -- but also tagged NBC's now-canceled "Animal Practice" as the worst.

Meanwhile, a corresponding story by the  Financial Times' Emily Street details the "precipitous drop in television ratings so far this season" for all broadcast networks except NBC. Street also describes the debate between advertisers and networks over metrics that do not adequately take into account all of viewers' time- and device-shifting -- and whether advertisers are already paying for that viewership or not. The debate "heralds what are expected to be contentious negotiations between television networks and advertising buyers during the annual market in the spring, when broadcast networks sell about three-quarters of their commercial inventory."



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