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Will 'Men' Return? God Has Little To Do With It

"God Has Nothing To Do With 'Two and a Half Men''s Uncertain Future," is the head for Josef Adalian's post, which analyzes the "internal pros-and-cons debate likely to be going through the heads of [CBS] execs over the next few months" as they decide the fate of the series, now hit with another public relations debacle: star Angus T. Jones' religious rant against it.

Among the biggest reasons for ending the show after its current season: It's a "a very, very expensive comedy," with "$1.5 million per episode in topline talent costs alone," writes Adalian.
"Ironically, Jones's new self-loathing over his 'Men' role could actually end up contributing to the show's continued life. If he departed, he'd save producers (and CBS) more than $6 million in talent costs, making the show at least a little more affordable. The Lord works in mysterious ways, y'all!"



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