That Time of Year

Hello 2013, and thanks for the new start. Time for fresh goals, a resolution or two, and some reinvigorating change. With a little planning and persistence, we ought to be able to create a better year ahead, right? Truth is, it’s not always that easy – just ask a mom.

With an average of eight hours of parenting duties (nap time, feeding, carpools, laundry, and more) in her day, it’s often hard for Mom to see how her everyday musts can make room for her new hopes. But moms tell us they’re dedicated to positive change, and their hopes for the new year fall into three clear categories: more and better focus on her kids, on her partner, and on herself. The key to realizing all three goals? Quite simply: time. Moms’ time crunch is an opportunity for brands. Help Mom add hours to her day and win yourself a devoted customer. 

Mom's goal #1: More time with her kids

From morning crafts to afternoon homework to bedtime stories, moms want to make the most out of every moment with their children. Motherhood completely redefines a woman’s priorities and aspirations. Out go her old priorities – romance, fitness, developing new relationships and her career – and in come her new ones – the well-being of her child (249 index), being a good role model (169 index), and spending time with her family (134 index).

Smart brands recognize that Mom needs help in almost every aspect of her day – whether it’s having clear product information, useful tips and consumer reviews, or discounts and deals – helping her save time so she can focus on the things she cares about.

Focusing on moms and their unique time needs has never been more important than today. Beyond moms’ well-documented purchasing power, consider the steadily changing family dynamic of more working moms and more single moms (in 1970, there were 2.4MM single mothers; today, there are 10MM). And all moms want to be serving up healthy meals, applying sunblocks made with natural ingredients, and joining play dates in the park instead of waiting on checkout lines.

Mom's goal #2: More time for her partner

Our recent Sleep Study data revealed that Mom would rather get a good night’s sleep (yawn!) than have sex with her partner. Yup, you read that right. The truth is that while sex is important, in the busy day to day something has got to give. However, Mom tells us she is absolutely motivated to give more time and energy to her relationship with her partner. And there’s no better time than the start of the year to plan to do that – a recent poll reveals that 87% of moms would like to have a date night with her partner at least once a month. And 80% of moms think it’s important to look and feel beautiful, not only for herself, but for her partner too.

What’s a marketer to do? You don’t need to lead with racy tips like the fashion books, or publish your own 50 Shades, but you definitely should deliver practical solutions to free up her time for something more fun. Give her home organizational solutions, include preprinted return labels with shipments, or develop online resources to save her a trip.

Oh, and with the Super Bowl looming, any fellows reading should be aware of another bit of research we did on the topic. Turns out moms would rather have sex than watch the Super Bowl. Halftime, anyone?

Mom’s goal #3: More time for herself

For the 21st Century Mom, motherhood is not all about the kids. Mom tells us motherhood is empowering, and that it doesn’t fully define who she is – she’s making time for herself. Moms say they definitely deserve to pamper themselves on occasion (84%) and enjoy a night out with friends (74%). Ninety percent of moms say they deserve time alone – and they mean more than the five minutes they get behind a locked bathroom door.

Does your messaging speak to this side of Mom? Tap into her "me" mindset and pay it off with a new reason to visit your shop or restaurant, an event-based promotion that is definitely not about kids, a discount for a getaway or a night out with friends.

And don’t overlook her desire to get a good deal – for herself – especially at the start of the year. According to our recent Holiday survey, 58% of moms said that they see post-holiday sales as a great chance to take care of themselves. In fact, 33% of moms call the post-holiday sales a guilty pleasure, and 25% say it's guilt-free shopping.

What today’s mom wants in the year ahead is more time to focus on her priorities – her children, her partner, herself. Be the brand that helps get her banking done faster so she can swing by the spa; gives her accessible beauty tips that make a date night more doable; creates an easy, healthy kids' meal solution so she can read that bedtime story one more time. Mom is short on time, big on shortcuts -- brands that show they get that, and deliver solutions to help her win back time, will win a loyal customer. Now that sounds like a smart start to 2013.

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