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Making Liz LemonAde: '30 Rock' Homages Include Ben & Jerry's Flavor

Lots of features appearing on New York magazine's site to commemorate the series finale of the seven-year-old "30 Rock" on Thursday. But first, the breaking news: There will be a "30 Rock" Ben & Jerry's flavor! No clue yet what will be in it, though the site's Grub Street has some ideas, including sandwich scraps (in homage to a favorite snack of Liz Lemon's).

The posts include lots of funny business, from a video detailing Kenneth's backstory to drawings chronicling the sexual history of Jenna and Mickey Rourke. More seriously, TV critic Matt Seitz presents a smart analysis of the show's journey, evolving "from an inside-showbiz farce with sporadic fourth-wall-breaking sight gags and meta dialogue to a weekly cyclone of surreal tomfoolery" that still includes plenty of commentary "on the art, science, and business of television." 



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