Romance And Motherhood? A Perfect Pair

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it got me thinking about how the significance of this holiday has changed now that I have kids. Like most moms, I am still a romantic, but I just have to try harder to fit it into my busy days. This reflects the natural shift in priorities of every woman who becomes a mom. There’s no better example of these changing priorities than moms’ perspectives on beauty. More than three-quarters of moms say that looking good is still important but that their new responsibilities make it tough. Their pre-motherhood beauty routine was like a five-course meal; now, 83% say it’s become more of a “beauty snack.”  

But there’s nothing wrong with a snack if the recipe is right. The key for moms is creating high-quality experiences with the time she has available.

So how can marketers help? 

1. Think Swiss Army knife
Moms love products with multiple uses. Just look at their phones: They come packed with more functions and gadgets than a Swiss Army knife. Beauty products are no exception; 54% of moms prefer personal care items with multiple uses, like moisturizer with sunscreen, shampoo with conditioner, nail polish with a built-in top coat.  If it can help her put more beauty into her day, she’s all for it.

2. Help her squeeze more out of her beauty budget
The recession has hit everyone hard, but the high cost of raising a child means moms are especially challenged. Simple beauty products become a little “luxury” for mom (73%), especially when the economy is tough. Sixty-nine percent of moms are more likely to use coupons and discounts for personal care and beauty products than they were before the recession, and 32% have even switched beauty brands because of cost considerations.  So be aware that savings are a priority – and can give moms the incentive they need to squeeze a little more beauty into their routine.

3. Be part of the conversation
Moms don’t have time to experiment with products and brands. That’s why they depend on their peers to help them make the right choices. Seventy-three percent of moms have read an online product review in the last 30 days, and 56% would like recommendations on personal care items from other moms in social media. So make sure you provide the tools moms need (online video tutorials, 1-2-3 application instructions, QR codes, peer reviews, mom endorsements) to access information about your brand, so they can shop with confidence and efficiency. They’ll reward you by spreading the word to other moms – which is the marketing Holy Grail! 

4. Be label-conscious. She is! 
After having children, women are increasingly interested in reading labels and understanding the ingredients they’re using on themselves and their family. Forty-three percent of moms check labels carefully before buying personal care and beauty products, and 38% lean toward organic or natural options. Of course, moms are savvy about ingredients and marketing techniques, so they can tell when brands genuinely care about health and wellness – and when they’re just paying lip service. So think about ways to prove that you understand her priorities and care about quality ingredients as much as she does.

These are simple but clear ways to demonstrate that you understand the mom you’re trying to reach. Help her enjoy higher quality experiences in the little time she has, and she’ll reward you with trust, loyalty, and evangelism. As Valentine’s Day comes up, you’ll definitely feel the love!  



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