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The Suit In the Newsroom: Tales Of Edit-Ad Clashes At 'Times'

There's trouble brewing in the highest ranks of The New York Times, as new CEO Mark Thompson seems to be clashing with executive editor Jill Abramson, and Thompson seeks to build a closer relationship between the business and editorial side -- anathema to the newsroom, where "The mere presence of a corporate suit among the journalists was like a belch in a cathedral nave," writes Joe Hagen in a New York magazine piece.

The Atlantic Wire's Alexander Nazaryan expands Hagen's reporting by also factoring in other coverage of behind-the-scenes gossip, including a piece that suggests Abramson is not well-liked by her staff. He also notes that Thompson's suggestion for Times branded events brings to mind "The Washington Post's disastrous venture into similar terrain, which might serve as a cautionary tale."



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