Parents Vs. Kids: Who's More Excited This Holiday Season?

We all know that the magic of the holiday season lies with children, but what we perhaps didn’t anticipate is just how excited the parents get. An early release of the research study by Truth about Shopping focused on the holiday season, and revealed that 69% of parents say that holiday shopping is their favorite type of shopping (versus only half of people without children). Parents are more likely to say they’re happy, excited and passionate about the prospect of shopping this holiday season compared to non-parents. While it would be easy to assume that they are merely excited for their offspring, our data has revealed that this is not the whole story.

It would seem that the excitement of getting presents this year has rubbed off on parents. Forty-one percent of parents globally have admitted to dropping hints on Facebook about the presents they’d like to receive. In contrast, only 29% of those without children admit to using the same tactics. It would appear that parents are not only more engaged with the holiday season as a result of having kids, but they’re also more open and savvier about the role that social media can play to help them get the most out of the period. This echoes the findings in The Truth about Shopping which heralded a new era of predictive gift-giving. One where consumers are harnessing the power of social networks and data algorithms for their own good. And Santa, if you’re reading, the most wanted present would be a tech gift with 40% of parents globally choosing this as their preferred gift.



This year, parents are really set to drive the holiday season spending. Sixty-one percent of parents predict that they will be spending more on presents this year vs. only 49% of those without children. Their unabashed enthusiasm is certainly translating into dollars spent. However, it’s not a home run yet. While parents are seemingly excited at the prospect of shopping, there’s still much work to be done. Three quarters agree that brands could help make their holiday shopping easier. 

The opportunities for brands are clearly there for the taking; parents are engaged, excited and actively looking for help. Imagine if a brand could truly leverage this magical season to provide real utility and/or entertainment, not only for the family but also for parents as individuals. Seventy-seven percent of parents agree that the holiday is a time to indulge myself vs. 67% of non-parents. As an example, what if brands could incentivize spending with coupons for spa treatments, taxis home or dining out? By facilitating a more indulgent lifestyle during the holiday season, they’d give a clear reason for parents to spend more but also show a deeper understanding of what parents really want this holiday.

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