Women Who Inspire Greatness

In honor of National Women in History Month, I want to share some of the women who have inspired me with their marketing-to-mom greatness:

Elisa All, founder of :30 Second Mom

Elisa All knows that mobile is becoming the number one place where brands can connect with mom. As the founder of :30 Second Mom, an app that provides 30-second reviews and tips for moms on the go, Elisa has been a leading force in the mobile mom arena and continues to lead the mobile discussion for both brands and consumers. 

Quote I Love:  "We're only at the beginning of the explosive growth of mobile.  It's happening faster than the Internet boom happened and it's happening more efficiently."

Michal Clements & Teri Lucie Thompson, authors of Tuning Into Mom



As senior principal of The Cambridge Group and SVP of university relations & CMO of The University of Arizona, respectively, Michal Clements and Teri Lucie Thompson have a long history of being top marketing thought-leaders. In 2011, the two collaborated on a book that I feel changed the way we think about our marketing-to-mom strategies. Tuning Into Mom examined how the age of the eldest child affects a woman’s values and attitudes towards food, exercise, education, health, technology and fashion. It is a book that quite honestly does not stay on my bookshelf because it is always open on my desk. 

Quote I Love: "The experience of motherhood is a defining feature of our society, and ‘mom’ is an important social and cultural identifier."

Cooper Munroe & Emily McKhann, founders of The Motherhood

Remember when the phrase “mommy blogger” first became part of our marketing conversations? Through the years, “mom bloggers” have evolved and so has the way readers and brands engage with their still very influential online communities. As pioneers of the blog movement, Cooper Munroe and Emily McKhann have been instrumental in creating the brand/blogger conversation and have led us to a place where influence is measured not only in numbers, but in the value of the relationship.

Quote I Love:  "I love when I see people take the time to listen to and be there for each other, in real life and online," Emily McKhann.

Jill Salzman, founder of The Founding Moms and author of Found It:  A Field Guide for Mom Entrepreneurs

Mom entrepreneurs who have yet to discover the brilliance of Jill Salzman are missing out on some of the very best tools, connections and resources needed to create a company and life they love. Embracing—not ignoring—the real challenges that mom entrepreneurs face, Salzman has become a voice for women everywhere who are trying to make their work and home lives connect, and she has changed the landscape for how companies connect with this valuable segment of the mom population. 

Quote I Love: "I refuse to make fear-based choices."

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  1. Cooper Munroe from TheMotherhood, March 12, 2014 at 7:35 p.m.

    Patti! This is a wonderful article and inspiring! We're very honored to be included. Thank you Patti.

  2. Emily McKhann from The Motherhood, March 13, 2014 at 12:07 a.m.

    Patti!!!! What an honor! Your article is fantastic, and such a great idea for National Women in History Month, and we are thrilled to be included. Thank you!!!!!

  3. Amie Reardon from Punchbowl, March 28, 2014 at 12:26 p.m.

    Wonderful list, I will be sure to read more about each woman here!

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