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Festival Back Mobile Payments by Wearables

Lullapalooza 2014 will be supporting mobile payments through the use of wearable technologies. The event’s organizer has announced that those attending the festival in August will be able to use high-tech wristbands to make transactions. This represents one of the largest events in which mobile payments and wearable technology are combined. While wristbands with imbedded RFID chips are not something new to mainstream events like Lullapalooza, they are most typically used to grant people access to particular areas and not for mobile payments. Plastic wristbands equipped with RFID chips are to be used to the festival. Once a visitor enters the festival grounds, they will be able to use these wristbands as a way to pay for goods at the various stalls at the event. These wristbands can also be used at the events bars and payments are made through the use of mobile terminals that are capable of reading the wristband’s RFID chip.



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