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Groupon, Snapchat Partner for Real-Time Deals

Popular messaging service Snapchat has a feature in which messages disappear as soon as they are read. This basically means that the message gets deleted from Snapchat servers and cannot be retrieved. Marketers can use this feature to send time-sensitive deals to customers, thereby maintaining a sense of excitement in a campaign. This was what attracted Groupon to the Snapchat app, with which it is teaming up to broadcast exclusive offers to its followers. The partnership kicked off when Groupon wanted to offer a first-come, first-serve deal for a concert. All a Snapchat user had to do was follow the link to the deal received on the Snapchat interface. To receive offers from Groupon from time to time, users must follow on Snapchat. Through Snapchat, Groupon is looking to redefine itself as more of an e-commerce platform along the lines of big brands such as Amazon.



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