Playing Together To Solve An American Health Crisis

America has many things going right, but one of the persistent challenges we face as a nation is our current health crisis. As we look to 2015, now is the time for a new type of solution, one in which brands take the lead and strike actionable partnerships that enable multiple national and local forces to come together to help our communities.

It will take a village of leaders to solve this health crisis, and now is the time for brands, technologies, media influencers and more to come together in surprising ways. This can be achieved through a four-pronged activation model that enables brands to put their best forward in a way that inspires action, from national to local. It consists of four key “players”:

1. Local organizations Starting with a local leader, including non-traditional champions for health care like sports teams, universities, employers, major nonprofits, and more is a key component to solving this health crisis from the ground up. There are several reasons for starting local; a strong connection, consumer engagement, loyalty, and even the obvious point of proximity.



2. Technology providers The Internet allows technology providers to build platforms that can be scaled to millions of users on a national level, while also being localized with the input of partners. There are companies now that offer health and wellness solutions that integrate digital technology, wearable devices, content from health and wellness experts, and social support for participants.

3. Sponsors Sponsors are able to reach targeted audiences made up of people actively making changes in their lives and adopting new brands. All of this happens in a positive and friendly environment that is conducive to positive feelings towards sponsors. Yes, this is a way that sponsors can achieve a win/win – reach business goals at the same time as making a true impact on helping America. This is an authentic opportunity to make brands the hero for millions of Americans who need heroes now.

4. Healthy social influencers As individuals make a healthy lifestyle change, they then spread the word to their social networks and support other people reaching goals. This social support and word-of-mouth then turns into a virtuous cycle that ensures more success stories.

This four-pronged model then integrates both a top-down approach with high-level leadership involvement and a bottoms-up grassroots consumer movement to increase the odds of success.

A well-known example of this four-pronged model can be seen with Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign. This program started with a digital platform at that includes tools and programs. Next, the campaign has participation from individuals and local leaders across America. Drew Brees, a leading NFL star from the New Orleans Saints, joined as a spokesperson. Finally, the campaign has received support from companies and brands including Disney, Bird’s Eye, and many more.
With this new model, we, as brands, can play a high-impact role in reaching business goals and solving a major health issue affecting our communities at the same time.

What brand activation model aids your company in the development of business strategies that not only produce business momentum, but also produces healthy outcomes for the greater community? I would love to hear your stories.

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