• Business Rules That Drive Effective Healthcare Drip Campaigns
    Every action has a reaction in both physics and effective marketing plans, and modern CRM has allowed healthcare marketers to design business rules tailored to individuals at specific stages in their patient journeys. These steps are defined by if/then statements that anticipate an action and adapt the campaign to create a truly "smart" journey.
  • SEO Is Dead. No, Really
    As an SEO professional focused on the healthcare industry, I regularly come across articles declaring that "SEO is Dead!" For the most part, these are reactionary pieces in response to some sort of shift in the search landscape, such as Google removing access to keyword-level data in analytics. To an extent, these articles are right. SEO is dead. However, it's not that simple.
  • Use 4Ps To Affect Better Health Outcomes
    In 1960, E. Jeremy McCarthy defined the 4Ps conceptual framework for marketing decision-making - Product, Price, Place and Promotion - thereby documenting the fundamental marketing forces that dictate the ultimate success of the product in the marketplace. In the nearly six decades that followed McCarthy's marketing mix concept, those marketing fundamentals have not changed.
  • Slow. Small. Simple
    Why the keys to innovation, creativity, and self-actualization lie in how we think.
  • Lessons Learned On The Way To The Oscars
    "Story" is a well-worn term in healthcare marketing. We call Facebook posts "stories," sales aids "brand stories" and anyone who creates them "storytellers." We use the term because we want communications to engage and transport with the power of a well-told story. Yet, with the highly regulated language of health marketing, our stories often land flat.
  • All Ears: New Brain Research Shows How Audio Increases Marketing Effectiveness
    In the age of VR and digital visual advancement, audio often takes a back seat; an afterthought or a final dressing for the visual idea. Yet, new research into brain science shows that sound is a critical factor to building strong emotional connections. For healthcare advertisers, audio could be the key to more effective campaigns - campaigns that motivate people to take action.
  • Why Relevance And Responsiveness Boosts ROI
    How customer relationship management creates effective healthcare communications.
  • 5 Things You Need To Know About Millennials And Health
    Youth may be wasted on the young, but when it comes to taking control of their health and well-being, Millennials are pretty much kicking older generations' saggy-old butts. That's because, unlike Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, Millennials have a decidedly different take on what wellness means to them and how they're living their best lives.
  • Get The Healthcare Bump
    Add a white-coat endorsement to your brand for greater sales and loyalty.
  • Is Your Brand Safety Up To Snuff? Stop Wasting Good Money On Bad Impressions
    It's the day before your new health and wellness campaign launch and the agency has assured you everything is on track to be successful. The programmatic partners have everything in place and have given the thumbs up to your brand-spankin' new digital creative - you know, the banners that expand into full-page takeovers showcasing amazing videos and slideshows.
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