• 2012: A Health Odyssey
    2012 is meant to be a tumultuous year on many counts-for politics, for astrology, for Tiger Woods-and, I suspect, for the future of our national healthcare model. A perfect storm is brewing and the forces at play are familiar to most transformations in history- technology, legislation, and economics.
  • Going Mobile: Leading Patients And Providers To MHealth
    Mobile health technology (mHealth) offers exciting opportunities to access and administer healthcare on the go. Patients and providers alike can benefit from the explosion of mobile devices and tools being developed to improve access, increase monitoring and lower costs. But are smartphones and tablets actually being used for healthcare? How can we encourage users to do so?
  • Non-Personal Promotion Wanted: Dead Or Alive?
    Consider the two ends of the pharmaceutical promotion spectrum: On one end lies the journal advertisement. It resides within a periodical, stationary and silent, eager to inform and persuade those who happen upon it. It's a one-shot deal: either its headlines, imagery and copy resonate with the clinician, or they don't.
  • Quizzical Looks From ACA Ruling Don't Look To Let Up Any Time Soon
    I didn't watch the recent reports on the Supreme Court's ruling on the Affordable Care Act on TV as I was at work, but did follow along through the web, instant messaging, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Social Is Good Medicine For Healthcare Marketers
    When consumers think of healthcare, unfortunately what probably comes to mind more often than not is: lack of access, frustration, long waits for test results, and a general vagueness and ambiguity about one's own healthcare information. For an industry that is so vital and deals in a subject of paramount importance in every consumer's life, that's a shame. It's even more of a shame when you consider how unnecessary that obfuscated information flow is. The technology exists to make communication and personalization more feasible than ever. Healthcare providers and institutions should be in a rush to embrace it, not just ...