• Escape From PowerPoint To Get A True Picture Of Your Customers, Readers, And Audience
    To craft the strongest, most targeted pitch, you have to understand your audience's world view. This means going beyond the numbers to understand a person's daily life. What is it like to travel with diabetes? How does your daily life change if you're living with chronic pain?
  • Physician Referrals For Clinical Trials: The Holy Grail Or A Reality?
    When it comes to recruiting patients for clinical trials, physicians typically rely on two sources, patients within their practice and patients who respond to advertisements. There is, however, a third source that could potentially provide a wealth of patients for clinical trials-physician referrals
  • Creating Momentum And Movements
    It's hard to pin down when it all began, but today there is a plethora of awareness months for a range of different causes, including many disease states. The disease-focused awareness months aim to raise funds for research, as well as share information on the cause, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a specific disease. They are usually sponsored and promoted by major charities in partnership with public service organizations and medical associations.
  • Can Games Fix American Healthcare?
    President Obama's latest proposal to fix healthcare demands that every American carries health insurance. The legislation is controversial. It will soon be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court, debated by talking heads, and contested on couches and in coffee shops across the land as the 2012 election unfolds.
  • Pharma Marketing Had A Party ...
    ... and everybody went home early. They might have overlooked the stale chips and flat soda, but they couldn't tolerate the tiny apartment and a host who wouldn't stop talking about himself.
  • What Secrets Are Your Customers Telling Google?
    When you meet a new friend, it's unlikely that you would walk in the front door of their house the first time you visit. Instead, you'd probably ring the doorbell and wait to be invited into their home. You might follow this same pattern for a few months of visiting -- ring, and then enter. But eventually, as you grow comfortable with your budding relationship, you would probably let yourself in when you arrive. The same principle applies in social media.
  • In A World Of Rapid Digital Change, Some Guiding Principles
    This month marks my second year at my job. I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing colleagues and great clients on all aspects of digital development and marketing strategy.