• Facebook Advertising: 3 Essential Steps To A Successful Campaign
    Facebook advertising campaigns requires a lot of time, oversight, analysis and attention to detail. But if executed properly it's a strategy that pharma will learn to "Like" for a long time to come.
  • Tune Up Your Next Campaign With A Dose Of Gaming Mechanics
    Social media has been a challenge for pharma companies and health marketers, and I'm sure gaming will represent a whole new kind of med-legal review. However, simply understanding what makes an experience engaging -- simplicity, reward -- can change how you think about all campaigns, not just those that involve a game.
  • Facebook: A Place for Healthy Discussions
    EMarketer predicts that by 2012, 60% of the U.S. Internet population will check Facebook at least once a month. If your healthcare brand is absent from the pages of Facebook, then now is the time to change that.
  • Driving Change: Engaging Customers To Improve Healthcare Outcomes
    Creating change, some would argue, is the essence of marketing. And in the Health and Wellness category, the role of marketing in affecting change goes well beyond a discussion of product differentiation. Healthcare marketing codifies how outcomes can be affected. Efficacy belongs to products but outcomes belong to patients.
  • Working With Your Regulatory And Compliance Group
    The goal of your RC team is not to put up insurmountable roadblocks to getting a social media program off the ground. Dealing with RC should not be akin to a root canal. Their goal is to help you. More importantly, their goal is to protect you.
  • Dear Pharma Brands: No One 'Likes' You
    First, because of regulatory restrictions, pharma brands generally don't provide much value on their pages or a reason to "like" them. But the second, bigger issue is that people simply don't want to declare public support for a medication.
  • Are You Telling Your Entire Digital Story?
    To help you figure out the answer to this question, I put together a little checklist. This is most definitely not scientific but it should help you get started.