• Healthcare Takes It Up A Level On Gaming
    Gamification, the tactic of applying game mechanics to traditional activities, has officially realized its self-fulfilling prophecy from early 2011 predictions of becoming the next big thing.
  • 2012: The Year Of 'Meaningful Communications'
    As we near the end of 2011 and inevitably begin to look forward to key trends in 2012, one thing we see emerging is t the opportunity, as well as a growing requirement, for all brands and businesses to contribute to a healthier and greater quality of life.
  • Healthy Kids' Eating Habits Start at Home
    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to healthy eating habits among kids ages 6-11. Moms and step-moms are prime influencers in this regard, so marketers have ample reasons to communicate nutrition and health messages to this caregiver audience for a wide range of edibles.
  • Will You Be The Next Big Health Story On YouTube?
    Video offers one of the best ways to learn about complicated topics while getting up close and in person with consumers. YouTube also happens to be the world's largest search engine. So I have to ask: Does your brand have a strong video marketing approach or are you leaving it up to the consumer and your competitors? If you haven't done so recently, search your brand on YouTube, then keep reading.
  • Caregivers Need Proper Care, Too
    Every day in the United States, another 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65. Consequently, more and more people will be called upon to be caregivers. Until you've been a caregiver, it's difficult to understand the responsibilities and challenges that come with it. And there's usually little time to prepare-someone close to you becomes sick and suddenly you go from being a "lay person" to an "expert" in some aspect of clinical medicine in a matter of weeks.
  • Pharma Brands, Social Media Is Passing You By; What Are You Waiting For?
    While most CMOs believe that demonstrating social media ROI is one of their biggest challenges, pharmaceutical companies face their own unique set of issues when it comes to engaging in social media. Despite the Web being a primary source for online medical information, confusion over best practices and compliance guidelines have left many pharma marketers feeling constrained by lack of information on how to successfully monitor, engage and report Adverse Events (AE). While other business and consumer brands are diving in head first to social networks and online conversations to improve product development and customer service, among other things, the ...
  • Pharma Is Missing Its Mobile Targets
    Despite a 46% the increase in use of mobile devices for health care information and services since 2010, according to Manhattan Research Cybercitizen Survey, November 2011, pharmaceutical companies lag in using mobile as a way of reach their audiences - both consumer and healthcare professional. Even as budgets in digital pharmaceutical marketing are increasing, access to convenient and helpful information on the mobile web has fallen significantly behind.
  • Mo' Money, Mo' Causes: How The Web And Social Media Turn Many Into Health Marketers
    As I'm writing this, I don't feel quite like myself. But that's just because I don't look like myself. And that's because of this ridiculous mustache I've been growing for the past month.