• What Problem Is Pinterest Solving?
    Recently at a meeting, we were talking about the healthcare boards that have popped up on Pinterest. As we discussed the idea of creating a way for oncology patients to find others like themselves on Pinterest, and share inspirational pins, one of the clients turned to me and asked, "What problem are we trying to solve?" An interesting question, indeed. At first I answered - "we are not solving a problem; rather we are embracing an opportunity."
  • Succeeding In A Multi-stakeholder Health And Wellness World
    What is a stakeholder? It's not someone who eats beef sans utensils. Stakeholders are simply people with a vested interest in a particular outcome. A stakeholder could be a basketball coach who has an interest in making it to the Final Four, or the owner of a local coffee shop who hopes that Starbucks doesn't take over that empty store across the street.
  • What Drug Trial Recruiting Can Teach Us About Marketing
    Consumers today are more demanding than ever, always looking for a reason to doubt your claim or ignore your message. For marketers, the most challenging part of developing communications in this age of skepticism is identifying and crafting the reward or promise. No matter how clever or eye-catching the creative, it must have a reward or promise that resonates with your audience to generate the desired response.
  • Prescription-Strength Mobile Strategy
    I read an article in the Aug. 19 "New York Times" headlined, "Coming Next: Using an App as Prescribed" by Joshua Brustein. It discusses companies like Happtique and Welldoc that are creating the backbone of a system to allow doctors to prescribe apps. The notion of "prescription apps" has been buzzing about for years at digital agencies, and has also been laughed at - until now.
  • Technology Driving Today's Empowered Healthcare Consumer
    The seventh annual Healthcare IT Week kicks off next week, Sept. 10-14, and it got me thinking about technology and our healthcare industry. As we know, technology has always been the driving force behind America's innovative and economic industries. That's certainly true with healthcare. But like a perfect storm, health care is benefiting from the rise of transformative digital, social and mobile technologies that are creating a new and empowered consumer.