• Why Preparation Is Everything When It Comes To Positive Patient Outcomes
    Patients not only need medical care but also emotional and educational support from their healthcare team. Treatment can be a daunting experience, but a good medical team can assuage patient fears for an easier healing experience.
  • 5 Ways Nonprofits Can Leverage Digital Asset Management
    In the nonprofit world, we strive to fund the causes we care about. And to do this, sometimes we need to think like a business-particularly with regards to branding.
  • The Rise Of Just-in-time Information Systems
    In 2012, the Pew Internet and American Life Project released a report focusing on how people are using their cell phones to engage in real-time information seeking and sharing behaviors. Pew's research revealed that 70% of adult cell phone owners had conducted "just-in-time" searches using their cell phones.
  • Examining Your Options For Building Mobile Sites For Patients And HCPs
    We know that patients and healthcare professionals are using mobile devices for health and wellness information. In fact, 80% of physicians own a mobile phone, and 68% of them have at least two screens (smartphone and tablet). But many health and wellness brands have been slow to adopt mobile strategies, and have instead relied on the desktop experience to translate to a shrunken screen.
  • Assessing The Health Of Health Information Networks
    The diagnosis is grim: the American healthcare system is suffering from an acute shortage of integrated health information networks. Technically, it's more than a shortage: such networks simply don't exist.
  • To Effectively Target the Condition, Don't Target the Condition
    As targeting technology proliferates and advances, marketers often find themselves swimming in a rich sea of compelling Big Data; data about the lives and routines of their best prospects and what they need, want, like, buy, and share.