• Why 'Disease' Is A Phat Term For Obesity
    Research shows new label is opportunity for healthcare marketers .
  • Want To Escape The Commodity Trap? Follow These 3 Tips
    Over the past several years, I've participated in a few conversations with health marketers who are confused and bewildered by the rapid changes sweeping the industry. They've struggled to be taken seriously by physicians, hospital leaders, pharmaceutical executives and others grappling with major challenges caused by mobile, social and other technologies. They're viewed as order takers, delivering a highly commoditized product that's difficult to measure, much less prove its impact on the bottom line.
  • Are You Maximizing Your Relationship With Patient Advocacy Groups?
    If you work on behalf of a pharmaceutical product, chances are your company has a relationship with a patient advocacy group (PAG) dedicated to the disease that product treats. Beyond your company's financial commitment, what does that relationship look like? How much do you know about the PAG, their members, and their mission? How much do they know about your company's goals? Do they trust you or are you perceived as another pharmaceutical company that is just 'in it for the money?'
  • Don't You Know Who I Am?
    Sure, since the beginning of time, our mothers have told us how special we are. However, in today's era of customization ability for everything from our vacation, our shoes, our homes, and our broadcast programming, today we think we are more special than ever. As consumers, we don't just expect tailored experiences, we demand it.
  • Understanding Paid Search To Deliver The Remedy And The Results
    We've all had our moments when we thought we had a bout of appendicitis or a heart attack or some other terrible medical issue in the middle of the night (which may have turned out to be heartburn...or nothing) and instead of rationally calling our doctor, we Google our symptoms.
  • The Retail Experience Still Matters...Maybe Now More Than Ever
    The focus of most marketing executives across the globe is on the digitalization of society--everything going digital, mobile and social. This is no different for healthcare and wellness marketers. We live in a world where consumers are connected, engaged, mobile and constantly moving between their offline and online worlds. Digital, of course, is an essential part of the marketing puzzle. But an interesting thing is happening on our journey to all-things-digital: innovation, particularly as mobile frees us to roam, is allowing consumers to experience retail in a new and engaging manner. Retail still matters. Digital hasn't stopped retail; it's enhancing ...