• Engage Physicians Via Smartphones
    Smartphones are not just brilliantly nimble devices for reaching PCPs and specialists; they allow you to learn about and develop a relationship with the doctors who can mean the most to your marketing.
  • Does Your Brand Have Five Stars?
    It's more important than ever that brands are aware of what's being said about them in the social space, and that these perceptions are accurately reflected in brand assets and advertising, since any misalignment has the potential for backlash -- and it can come in the blink of an eye.
  • Health Games. Who Wins?
    I do sincerely hope that the experimentation continues and above all, that those pioneers share with the rest of us the lessons they learn about how to bring social health games to the level of market penetration promised in the 1980
  • Improving Patient Outcomes Via Digital Communications
    It's less about traditional advertising techniques and more about providing valuable and needed information to clinicians when and where they want it.
  • Tap Into IPad's Marketing Power
    Picture this: You've been trying to get time to visit with a doctor in his office to speak with him about the newest offering from your pharmaceutical company. He's busy. He gives you the run-around. The whole time you're talking, he's thinking about other things. He quite possibly resents that you're there, which means he resents *you*.