• Godin's Rule Is A Lot Like The Golden Rule -- But Wired
    If pharmaceutical companies want to truly leverage the amplification power of social media, then whatever the FDA rules shouldn't mean a damn thing to their core approach.
  • Health Marketing Is Cursed
    As an industry, we can complain about the curse and wish to go back to the good old days when small molecules taken after meals was the business and the market could be made in the 30-second spot between sports and weather on the evening news. Or, we can steer into the prejudice and view this curse as the greatest opportunity of all.
  • New Ways Emerge To Reach Healthcare Professionals
    So today, we are seeing the rise in what is now being called eDetailing, which can be defined as the use of digital technologies including mobile, to educate physicians about existing and new treatment options and provide them with the clinical data necessary for them to make vital patient treatment decisions.
  • Avoiding Social Media Malpractice
    Handling the many layers of social media requires a nuanced approach that differs greatly from the more strict approach a hospital might take with its own web site.