• Relationship Marketing At The Speed Of Social
    The speed of social rules the day. We traverse platforms faster than we can blink an eye. Can social channels get any faster or more amalgamated? I'm sure. So how do healthcare brands keep up with the speed and intensity of relationships that are being formed in a variety of channels by consumers and healthcare professionals? How can brands form ongoing and valued relationships with their customers?
  • 7 Totally Unoriginal And Obvious Ways To Improve Your Programs
    Healthcare marketers are a paradox in that they have the luxury of being able to speak directly to their audience's favorite topic-themselves-yet tend to fail miserably at it.
  • Organic Consciousness Gives Rise To Organic Behavior
    These are boom times for the organic sector, as American consumers are increasingly seeking "organic" or "all-natural" options. According to the 2011 Thomson Reuters-NPR Health Poll, if given a choice, 58% of US adults would prefer to eat organic-and the marketplace has responded accordingly. In fact, according to market research done by Mintel, even a few years ago the "no additives/preservatives" claim was the second most common claim in the United States, with 2,243 new products launched with it. But this organic consciousness goes far beyond the purchasing of food according to claims on a label; organic consciousness is really ...
  • Leveraging Geography In High Cholesterol Advertising
    Cardiovascular disease (which includes heart attacks, stroke, angina pectoris, atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis, and high blood pressure) remains the number one killer in North America, and high cholesterol levels bring on an increased risk to these diseases.
  • Breaking Stereotypes
    "If you are boring, you work in auditing, and if you are boring and work at an agency, you work in media." This was a quote I heard in a client meeting last week. Beyond annoying me, this statement triggered me to think about the role of media in healthcare marketing today.
  • Who Is Using Social Media In Healthcare?
    Social media is permeating our personal and professional lives everywhere you look-even in the healthcare industry. As more hospitals, clinics, doctors and medical staff are joining social media platforms, it is imperative that healthcare providers have a comprehensive social media policy in place. Don't have a policy in place yet? Looking for some motivation?
  • A Little Digital Spring Cleaning Can Do Wonders For the Health Of Your Marketing Endeavors
    We just opened the windows here at our world headquarters in Boston. This is noteworthy because it's still March, and these things don't usually happen here until a little later. It also reminds me that it is, in fact, spring. And with spring, comes spring cleaning. But spring cleaning needn't be limited to your house. Health marketers can benefit from a "digital spring cleaning" of sorts, and it can be done with relatively little elbow grease.
  • Unhealthy Habit: Why Haven't You Optimized Your Mobile Experience Yet?
    We've reached the tipping point where the most creative, engaging and action-driving digital marketing initiatives that were originally designed specifically for the Web can be a wasted investment. This is due to the fact that the majority of your audience is likely seeing this content on their smartphone and it's not optimized for the mobile channel. Case in point, for the first time ever, smartphones outsold PCs this year, and that ratio will only continue to grow.