• Does Your Health Identity Belong On Your Facebook Wall?
    As part of its master plan to take over the world, Facebook launched a new plug-in earlier this month: article comments. Websites can replace existing commenting software with Facebook's new service.
  • Maximizing The Path To Participation In Clinical Research
    or clinical research are one of the primary reasons new drugs are late to market. Each day a drug is delayed can cost a sponsor as much as $10 million; hence, the importance of patient recruitment. Identifying patients to volunteer for clinical research is no easy task.
  • Creating A New Normal: A Day In The Life Of A Person With Chronic Illness
    Assessment is a critical component of the ongoing management of disease, and RA is one of many medical conditions with assessment survey tools based on anatomy, intensity, and daily living. The Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ) and the Disease Activity Score (DAS) are two of these that have a long, validated history. How can digital innovations and media enhance the use and impact of such assessment surveys?
  • Supporting The Consumer's Healthcare Journey
    Healthcare marketers have a unique advantage over other marketers. More so than in any other marketing category, consumers -- especially people who suffer from chronic health conditions or are struggling with long-term illnesses -- seek out health-related information. Digital media has made it so much easier for consumers to access information, advice and tips to help them understand and manage their ailments, while giving them the privacy they desire in dealing with their concerns and fears.
  • Packing Up Old Digital Habits
    Our agency is in the midst of packing up for an office move. After 11 years in our current space (and one year since the launch of Razorfish Health as a dedicated health brand,) we're moving into new digs that are more centrally located and can accommodate our growth. You can't imagine the items that are being uncovered as we dig through our space; I think we could collectively appear on an episode of "Hoarders."
  • Strategy Setting: A Cautionary Tale
    Change your frame of thinking when developing a pharmaceutical social media strategy. If marketers continue to mistake planning with strategy, social media professionals will never have a seat at the table with key decision makers.
  • Marketing Your Talents To The Sales Team
    A couple nights ago I was out with a friend and her colleague. They don't work in healthcare, but the conversation that evolved reminded me of one that could apply to many fields, including and especially healthcare.
  • Navigating The Future Of DTC Advertising
    The great Mississippi riverboat pilots were noted for their keen ability to navigate the river's ever-changing waters. The environment was in constant flux, presenting many unknown obstacles and hidden dangers. The same can be said of the DTC marketing environment today, over which a cloud of uncertainty hovers.