• Patient Advocates: The Link Between Patients And Pharma
    Over the last several months, I have attended or participated in a variety of online health conferences and roundtables and seminars and have been struck by a consistent theme: increasingly patient advocates are looking to engage with pharma companies to share their insights and learn.
  • The Importance Of Branding In Clinical Trials
    How a study brand can accelerate your clinical development program.
  • Healthy Observations
    Why is it that the average teenager has a clearer recognition of Kim Kardashian's wardrobe than the colors that comprise a healthy meal? This reflects a critical insight about health and wellness: people lack an understanding of why an illness occurs in the first place and what could have been done to prevent it.
  • Help Moms Help Their Children Develop Healthier Habits
    Today's mom expects brands to market with her rather than to her. She wants to know how a brand can save her time, save her money, or make her job a little easier, among other things. So, it's no surprise that one area of healthcare marketing that appears to be gaining a lot of ground with this audience is something called "Behavioral Support Programs."
  • Content Curation: A Path to Pharma Social Media Success?
    "Content is king." "It's all about the content." "All good social media efforts start and stop with good content." No matter what tired, overused cliché you use, the prevailing thought is that without creating killer content, your social media efforts are doomed.
  • Leveraging APIs Will Soon Be Vital For Health Marketers
    Over the past few months, an increasing part of my job has involved some interesting intersections of data, web publishing, apps and communities. These have emerged in various forms and have faced a range of challenges.
  • Maximizing Targeting Efficiency For DTC Pharmaceutical Marketers
    The moment of truth is the point at which the knowledge and attitudes of the sufferer confront the preferences of the physician. By the time this meeting takes place, the sufferer is aware of the condition and has some knowledge of treatments.