• The Inevitable Demise Of The 'Social Media Strategist'
    The answer is not always a Facebook page and, in fact, this tactic may be more detrimental than beneficial to a brand. This is regularly the case in the pharmaceutical industry, where it may not occur to the "social media strategist" that no one wants to "like" a hypertension product on Facebook, and that in fact this is probably not the right tactic for this brand at all.
  • One Perfect Ad
    In health, where concerns about privacy and customized messaging are probably the highest in the industry, the odds of placing one ad informed by user intent are increased by both scrutiny of the ad's content and the need to place relevant ads in informational context. The irony here is that the best next step may be to evaluate the informational value of advertising in the largely transactional world of health information gathering.
  • Technology Is Transforming The Healthcare System (And That's A Good Thing)
    The bond connecting physicians and pharmaceutical companies is as strong as ever and is not going away. However, in order to acknowledge and respect the way in which technology is changing the ways that physicians run their practices and provide for their patients, pharmaceutical companies need to realign their sales and marketing practices.
  • Get Outta Your Mind(Set) For Social Media Success
    Being able to listen closely to the vernacular of those you are trying to convert, and then contouring your message to them in a way they can relate to can go a long way to cultivating internal champions.