• Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: What Do You Do With Your Community?
    It's easy to understand why every marketing plan seems to have a Facebook strategy these days. According to a recent Nielsen report, Americans spent more time on Facebook in May 2011 than on the next four most popular sites combined.
  • Rethinking Health Q&A
    Q&A content is the fastest growing content type at HealthCentral, and has been for years. We get a few hundred questions a week and nearly every one is answered by our Experts or community members in a timely fashion. For a health publisher, the problem with Q&A is it's less monetizable than curated areas of our site. So, we have spent a lot o
  • Put Your Commitment Where Your Patients Are
    There has been an explosion over the past few years of online communities for people living with chronic illness. And is it any wonder? They provide a platform to feel heard, to feel understood and to feel empowered. They provide a sense of togetherness. But where do pharmaceutical companies -- the very companies responsible for making treatment possible in the first place -- fit into this picture? While these online communities generate more interest when they are authentic and real, it also helps when they are endorsed by a larger community; for example, doctors, nurses, advocacy groups, and yes, even ...
  • In The Year 2018: Planning Your Marketing For The Next Seven Years (Sort Of)
    On Aug, 15, Facebook rolled out a significant change to its platform that many thought would be the death knell of pharmaceutical Facebook pages. Until that point, Facebook allowed pharmaceutical companies to disable commenting on their pages through a "whitelisting" process. In a reverse of course, Facebook now only allows that functionality for pages that are solely dedicated to a drug -- no exceptions.
  • We Are Playing A New Game ... Why Do Pharma Marketers Keep Using The Old Playbook?
    A 300-pound linebacker would look rather silly trying to keep up with David Beckham on the soccer field, right? We often talk about the changing marketing landscape that is now, more than ever, driven by the customer. We are playing a faster, more nimble game. However, many brands are applying the same rules and players to a completely different game.
  • Beyond Marketing: Leveraging The Super Powers Of Scientists To Save Our Future
    I was among the millions of people on the East Coast hunkered down, avoiding potential injury or other hassles from being caught up in Hurricane / Tropical Storm Irene. One of the ways we passed the time was by watching the wonderful and moving documentary "Waiting for Superman." It made me angry, it gave me hope, and it motivated me to do something.