• The Meaningful Use of Mobile And Web Consumer Applications
    It is one thing to purchase software, and it is another thing to actually integrate that software into daily routines. Although it's nice to know how many doctors have an Electronic Health Record system, it is a lot nicer to know the number of doctors actually using the software in a meaningful way.
  • Don't Count Out Traditional Media!
    Right or wrong, "traditional" has become a dirty word in the Clinical Development world. But the reality is that traditional is not a dirty word. I n fact, TV audiences are growing! TV ratings for all major events (Olympics, Grammy's, NCAA Tournament, Super Bowl, etc.) are up significantly.
  • Creating A Healthier World
    The most successful online health programs will show more than a pulse; they'll demonstrate endurance over months, and even years, evolving and engaging readers over time. This, too, can be measured.
  • Never Mind Self-Diagnosis; Self-Treatment Is The New Challenge
    What is a healthcare marketer to do to continue to compete effectively as we enter into a new era of smarter consumers who have come to expect quick access to healthcare?
  • Paging Dr. Facebook
    What will it mean for our ability as marketers to reach and motivate people if, increasingly, they get their information and insights from their friends and not by trolling the web on their own?
  • Establish Your Social Media Risk Quotient
    It is impossible to eliminate risk when engaging in social media. But to ignore that it exists during the planning process is a treacherous path. Establish your risk quotient from the outset and lay out a plan for mitigating and dealing with that risk.
  • Moms Choose Technology That Connects Them With Other Moms
    While most industries should take another look at how they're marketing to mothers, the health industry should pay close attention. There is opportunity to reach this valuable market and benefit from its historic transformation.
  • A Tale Of Tin Noses And Online Privacy In Pharma
    Being proactive and transparent in our approach and far reaching in execution as well as having an enhanced ability to control whether ads are delivered according to guidelines is the only path to harmonization between business success and the protection of the consumer now and in the future.