• If A 'Social Media' Program Is Launched And No One Participates, Is It A 'Program'?
    Healthcare consumerism is growing and requires consistent nourishment -- that is where the profound opportunity lies for health organizations. The more options patients have to deepen their engagement, make informed decisions and manage expenses, the better.
  • Lessons From A Visit To 'The Other America'
    Those of us who live in the America of highly regulated health marketing can learn something from this other America. I hope we see these two worlds converging because they both share the goal of making sure we all get the treatments we need, when we need them so we can have the best health outcomes individually and as a society.
  • All Media, All The Time
    In the health category, regardless of whether the target is the patient, health-focused consumer or health care professional, multi-media, multi-platform messaging is the requirement as the viewers are all multi-media, multi-platform junkies.
  • Put The Annual Report Online
    Every year, our media department discussed ditching our tried-and-true printed annual report and creating one exclusively online. And every year we bought into all the reasons not to. This year, we held fast and took the plunge.