• Forget ROI, Think Return On Health
    Starting with the question "how will we make money?" and working your way to the patient will lead to irrelevance. I assure you, if that model is flipped and you start with the patient -- the money will follow.
  • Bring Pharma Into Social Media Mix
    Digitally enabled social conversations around health are here to stay, and they will play an important role in how people make health decisions. Just as clearly, until pharma becomes actively engaged with those conversations, the potential for social media to positively impact patient health will fall short of its full potential.
  • Act Now! You Qualify For A Clinical Trial, Thanks To Your Electronic Health Record
    There is greater regulatory interest in the privacy issues surrounding these records but you read it here first that, with that much data accumulating, there will be a new force to become acquainted with and perhaps master in this industry.
  • To App Or Not To App? That Is The Question
    This mobile healthcare technology sector will continue to develop rapidly but it's clear that pharma and other health care brands will need to take a flexible, multi-variable approach to achieving success in the mobile medical world.