• The Quest For Better-For-You Products And The New MyPlate
    Call it a food trend with a very healthy following.
  • Designing An Effective Mobile Website For Patients
    Mobile usage in clinical trials makes for an unlikely case study. However, it is indicative of where mobile is heading. Two years ago I wouldn't even have considered mobile as a viable tool. Today, there are very few instances when I would recommend not including one.
  • Online Product Integration, Pharma-style
    Fortunately, thanks to a little something called "fair balance," you won't see Hugh Laurie proudly brandishing his painkiller label on "House" anytime soon -- though there were plenty of prescription drug names dropping on TV just a few years ago.
  • One-Hit Wonders
    Establishing compliance is about more than one-time medical reimbursement; it's about developing life-long customers.
  • Safe Trip: Preparing Travelers To Explore
    People travel to exotic locations for all sorts of reasons -- business, studies, or to experience a different culture. But such places can also offer exotic health risks, which vary greatly by season, location, contact with local populations, and other factors.
  • What Pharma Can Learn From Lady Gaga
    I admit it; I'm late to the Lady Gaga phenomenon. But I have the energy and interest of a recent convert: she fascinates me. Like many of us who are past the Millennial bracket, I am more struck by Gaga's persona than her music, but for us marketers, the persona may be the more carefully cultivated art form.
  • Welcome To The Post-Digital Age
    The new dynamics in the health care space are forcing us to de-commoditize media and are using it to create value. Not just for clients, but for everyone. It may get a little messy as these new ways of working blur the lines. But it's in that blur that you find real innovation.
  • Quora, Tumblr And Social Search Help Give Your Content The Audience It Deserves
    One of the challenges for any healthcare marketer, be it a hospital, a pharma company or a non-profit organization, is that much of its best expertise has a relatively targeted audience. Fortunately, with the emergence of more and more tools that focus on connection and curation as much as content creation, the prognosis for leveraging these audiences to reach a wider audience is looking better every day.